Two Dapper Pupz

Hunter | Dog Seat Belt


Our Dog Seat Belts are made with high quality cotton fabric, with silver hardware in our 1' size. One end clips into your vehicles seat belt and the other end attaches to your pets harness. 

Pet seat belts are made to stop your dog from roaming around the car and distracting you from driving. Two Dapper Pupz does NOT recommend you attach the clip to a collar as it can pull and cause injury on your dogs neck. We are not responsible for in-proper use of our Seat Belts. Make sure your seat belts are attached to a harness only.

Our Seat Belts are designed to fit in almost every make of car. If you are unsure, please confirm the design of your vehicles seat belt prior to purchasing. 

Seat belts are not guaranteed to prevent injuries in the case of a car accident. 

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